Free Daisy Disk Licence

November 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Daisy Disk is a Disk Visualization tool. Following the trend of many other disk visualization tools, data is on the hard drive is represented in the form of an interactive (sunburst) diagram. Navigation is as simple as can be, to dive down loser, click the segments, to jump back up, click the inner circle. Daisy Disk provides a clean and beautiful mac style user interface, and if you can get it for free, why the hell not?

Everything is colour coded by type, including different folders. Navigation can be performed from either the main screen or the side list of files and folders. Daisy Disk also interacts with preview, pressing space on a selected item will open so you can quickly find out what this 3.2gb file may be. Control clicking brings up a menu for navigation, and to open the selection in finder.

PROS: Design is stunning, scanning and navigation is quick and crisp. Interacts with preview.
CONS: A lot of wasted screen space, price (but not at the moment).

Steps on getting your free licence.
MacHeist are having some sort of special promotion for the next 1 day and 20 hours, so I assume this will only last until then. Navigate to MacHeist and enter the co-ordinates, 151.7 and 174.4. Once this has loaded click, tweet for a treat and you will be redirected to twitter where you can tweet about some MacHiest goodness. Go back to the MacHiest page and you should be able to log in or sign up and receive your free DaisyDisk licence.

Screenshots of Daisy Disk

Initial Screen
Initial Screen

Main Screen
Main screen

Lower Level Screen

Daisy Disk is quick, pretty and at the moment it is free. Get it while you still can. This application makes cleaning both hypnotizing and fun.


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